Get Enhanced Services With Daloop Premium Membership

Insider Portfolio: This is our list of fundamentally strong stocks being bought by insiders of a company and is supported by institutional investors. These in-the-know people include the owners, CEO, CFO, directors and other executives. When these people buy, you know they’ve got a good reason. Buying their own stock shows they are confident about the future prospects of the company and they are putting their money where their mouth is.

However, there are many insider transactions reported on a daily basis and it is very hard for the average investor to keep track of all the relevant transactions to make actionable investment decisions.  Daloop’s Insider Portfolio aims to do all the heavy lifting and provide the investor with the best actionable investments using our proprietary algorithm that tracks insider transactions, company fundamentals, and institutional demand in the stock.

Daloop Watchlist: Our quality growth watchlist presents our picks with great growth prospects and strong fundamentals for the long term.  Many are companies driven by new technologies and/or innovative business models that shake up the entire industry.  Some are the alphas of their industry or first movers with innovations to dominate their competitors.  We believe these companies have strong consumer appeal, strong management and backing, and a sustainable growth plan for years to come.  All stocks on this watchlist will have Daloop Signals.

Daloop Signals: Our proprietary algorithm took more than a decade to develop and will detect the supply and demand of a stock by analyzing the stock’s order flow.  It uses data mining to determine potential buying and selling exhaustions where there is a high probability of a reversal.  When you hear buy the dip or sell the rally in the media, this is the algorithm that will tell you exactly when is the best time to buy and sell so you get the crucial timing you need to maximize risk adjusted returns. Once the algorithm detects there are significant risks in the stock, it will signal our subscribers to get out.

As part of our premium membership, you will also have access to signals for the S&P 500 (SPY) and Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) ETFs.  Many individual investors simply don’t have enough time to do all the due diligence on individual stocks. By following the market signals, investors can implement a contrarian and proven investment strategy. Because my strategy is quantified, you get a big advantage over other investors. You are never guessing when to enter the market since you are being guided by hard numbers that are backed by big data.  You can use these market signals to limit your risk and increase returns no matter if you are a dividend/income investor, a growth stock investor, or both. The majority of stocks move in the direction of the entire market, so it is essential you pay attention to market risks.

In a bear market, Daloop Signals will alert you when it’s time to unload stocks and go into safer investments like US Treasuries. The algorithm successfully predicted to the famous tech bubble of 2000 and the disastrous financial crises of 2007 that caused major drawdowns on many portfolios and retirement accounts. Don’t be one of them when the next bear cycle hits.